About the Campaign

About the Campaign

Insurance underpins the development of industrial society, and no highrise or factory could be built without it. The fossil fuel industry depends on insurance coverage for building and maintaining its coal mines, power plants and pipelines as well.

Climate change poses the most serious threat to our planet, and burning fossil fuels is the most important cause. We need to immediately shift from fossil fuels towards clean energy sources, in order to avoid an unmanageable climate breakdown.

Insurance companies have warned about climate risks since the 1970s, but continue to enable further fossil fuel projects through insurance coverage and investments. This must change. Our best insurance is to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

The Insure Our Future (and originally, Unfriend Coal) network is a global coalition of NGO’s and social movements that is pressuring insurance companies to get out of the coal, oil and gas business and support the transition to clean energy. Comprised of some of the most effective corporate campaigning groups in the world, we hold insurers to account for enabling further fossil fuel projects, and expose corporate climate champions and villains to their customers and the broader public.

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